The art works, art pieces and art objects of Liane Ashman - a multi media artist based on the Kapiti Coast

Liane Ashman Art Works

Trinkets and TreasuresThese artworks draw influence from the accumulated objects that surround us. Old things, that bear traces of lives lived, and intimate treasures that mark passages of time and commemorate history. They are hand painted using oil on archival canvas.

Ginger & Sparky Art Objects

The bronte sisters 2These quirky one-of-a-kind figures are individually hand crafted, painted and embellished. Each comes with its own name and story to inspire and delight. They make fantastic gifts and can be personalised for a special occasion.

Whimsical Art Pieces

Front Page AcrylicThese acrylic minis have been created to stand alone as delightful singular pieces or as multiples creating a larger patchwork piece. Hang as a group of 3, 6 or 9 pieces for a striking group. Start with a single piece and slowly add to your collection.